Inlightenedbody offers.

Positive Changes Session: Are you stuck and not sure what to do next?
Are you often stressed to find an answer and ending up back at the beginning?
If you answered yes to these questions, this session is for you.

During this session 30-45 minutes, we will explore a challenge, we will bring clarity to it and create space for your own answers to come to the surface.

This work is simple yet very powerful.

Are you ready to unstuck yourself?

Investement: $57 for 30-45 minutes session.


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Psychosomatic Therapy Session: Did you know that your body, your pain, your movements create your thoughts? Your thoughts then create impressions in your body in a never-ending cycle. Did you know that energy flows into the body up, down and around? Are you curious about why you are the shape you are? Do you want to find a way to reset the patterns that you have been creating in your life? Did you know that pain tells you about your mindset and challenges? In this offer, we will explore your posture, your main body features, and pain. I’ll present you instruments and guidance towards the next step for a better life. The second part entails an emotional release performed on your body.  This is done in a safe space in order for you to let go of what you no longer need. New openings will be created in your body and in your mind that will be filled with more love and understanding. You will receive a session’s report.

Investment of $177 for a 180 minutes session.

This service is available in Vancouver Island. Like the Facebook page and sign up to the newsletter to know if I am traveling to your city.

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“Inner Warrior Package”: Prepared with in mind clients that are ready to go deeper, that are committed to bring some clarity into their life and understand how life works and how to create meaningful changes to it.

What is offered:
x1 180′ Psychosomatic Therapy (one to one)
x2 75′ Private Guidance (one to one online)
x1 30′ Positive Changes Session (one to one online)

This is the program for you if:
– You are 100% committed and ready to change your life
– You are looking to have a deeper understanding of life
– You know there is more to life but not sure how to tap into it

The value of this package is $384 and is offered at $299.

The package is available slightly modified for the full online version.

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Renaissance Package: The VIP package. If you sign up for this, you are ready to make important changes and are open to receive. You are focused, accountable and understand that you are 100% in control of your life.

This package will be specifically crafted for you.
It is a longer term relationship and connection, between four and six months.

The offer might include face reading, body analysis, hand reading, emotional release, and lifestyle coaching. Additionally, you’ll be guided through yoga and meditation classes, mindfulness exercises and positive change life guidance. During this time I will support you with positive changes, we will discuss these changes and I will light up your soul to bring the best choices to your consciousness.

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Additionally I offer Private 75 minutes of Yoga classes and Private Guidance at $75/session. Contact me using the link below to find out what is the best option for your journey and need or to book an appointment.

Send an email to Tommaso.