Here I am alive. As a man met last week told me”I am happy because I woke up this morning” while I was checking out some electric bikes. Summer is gone and became part of the intricate amount of experiences I had. I supported a visionary during his quest of changing the world, one person at the time. Lived in a gorgeous valley beside a flowing river that kept me awake and agitated for the first month.

I can’t stop to look at myself and my expectation without realizing how lucky I have been in the last 4 years. I traveled 7 countries, studied, learned, met incredible people and had “interesting” personal experiences. I went to Italy and discovered people’s works and ideas above the social expectation I had. That old thought that accompanied me for many years “how impossible is to create in Italy because of the mentality and deep cultural roots” became thin and disappeared. I went to India and found out more about life that I could ever imagine. Met myself in so many levels that is hard for me to recall all the challenges I had experienced. I passed Christmas and New Years with my family for the first time after 8 years, maybe 9 and reminded myself how much I hated it when I was young, making me appreciating it even more. I went to Bahamas and met myself again, with the support of the practice I was able to reach higher I ever reached. And I met love again. In Burma I sat for hours observing my mind, and eating, and walking, and sleeping, and reading and living with five hundred others monks. I saw what compassion and mindfulness is in every moment of its people life. Briefly I met China, and the unapologetic way of life.

I settle down in Quadra Island for the winter, mid way between the forest and the busy society. Me and Jolaine found a super cute mini apartment in a house built on a bluff. From the dining room and bedroom window we can see the bay. Is a blessing.

Inlightened body is open for business, offering multiple services to accommodate any needs. Yoga classes, Psychosomatic therapy, life guidance and Men’s circles on line as well one to one. You can check my site at Inlightenedbody and on Facebook. I open a YouTube account as well where I will post all the videos with tips and stories. Don’t miss it. will be discontinued at the end of the year 🙁 and I will transfer the blog into WordPress. Stay tuned for the link. As for now I am not sure if I will keep the Italian translation.

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