During my month and a half traveling in India I had only organized the first 4 days. The purpose of the trip was to learn to trust life. As I imagined, without moving much I got slapped, kicked and caressed. Every experience showed up unexpected, as when somebody knocks at the door during dinner.

I learned to have faith in life, but what is happening this summer is interesting and incredible. I am accompanying Jolaine during her journey and ended up teaching yoga inĀ  paradise. Surrounded by trees, insects and water. I knew that August would be a full time job; teaching and cooking for a retreat. Less then a month ago I met the organizer, and I was face to face with a bigger program than imagined. My support will be teaching Yoga in the morning and cooking the vegan meals.

The construction work for the retreat continues. The “temple” that looks into the valley is not yet finished but is already a special place. The excitement is growing, the time is almost here. I am so lucky to be supporting an important course that will end with the presentation of a project from every attendee to enhance the lives of 100.000 people, multiplied by 30 participants.

I am here. Thanks life.

Meanwhile life flows. During September and October we will be in Cortes Island where we lived last summer. A magic land. Life is keeping quiet at the moment about this coming winter. We are planting seeds. We will discover which one will sprout. As of now I trust life. What I am creating will guide me perhaps towards Europe, Australia, New Zeland, or Canada.

Stay tuned , new projects are coming.

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