I found a picture not long ago resting in my hard drive. The “taken” date says Tuesday June 10th, 8.44. Trying to remember clearly that was the day that my life changed. It was the day I was going to fly to Japan and then New Zealand for a journey that I never stop walking. A big luggage, the snowboard bag with my most loved “thing” inside that created many shy smiles and wonders in Tokyo’s summer travellers and the gentle innocency of mine, ready for the adventure of my life at 28 years old. I wonder who that person was. What were his dreams at the time. Where was his awareness. What one day many months before, showed him that there was another path, another road that could have been walked. One that was new. It was a dark one, but his wonder and curiosity was strong to light it up for him. The pictures says everything. The support from who created me (and maybe I chose them as some ideas point out) and the “uncommon” seen as “common”, and a picture that took the heaviness of a goodbye away. Many many flights later, times of confusion, craziness and casuality that are not casual. All what life was melted in what life is now. In my dreams and my will.

Today, almost 10 years later I have found my way. Living in a clamping tent, with the river that constantly reminds me his presence and the trees that scout me from their height. And all the creature that fly and move around me in their beauty. People that reminds me how to be human, and how not to be human. My peace of mind and my focus. The company of my lover.

All of this wouldn’t happen without my parents. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am in the right place. I am living a dream. I am creating my dream.

Following the best Magnum ever 😀

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