I woke up and the day goes smooth. I relax and reconnect to myself with the movement and the stretching created by the balls that press into my muscles. I am learning an infinite amount of observations. The body says it all. ALL! I am surprise. The human body has another dimension.

Everything get sucked up like a black hole into my solar plexus and shut when I hear “and now we are going to shoot the Live Facebook video”. I listen to my body putting up a nice and strong armor around my chest and belly. What a delight… hahaha I smile at myself recognizing the simplicity of my fear. I am lucky for now because Cheyenne has more of her business going on I get to watch and enjoy her freaking out. They start, I stay concentrate to help them concentrate. Is actually fun. Is going to be awesome.

We decide to have some food to help my stomach feeling “better” and I think to myself “I will see if this is going to stay down”. It is my time. I didn’t prepare much. I go with the flow as I choose to do. The words will come I hope. I sit in there, and we roll. The light doesn’t work, “smile before we got on” and that doesn’t work either. Lorrel with her shining being is ruling the video and I see myself there in the little screen doing nothing and thinking “the light doesn’t work”. I try to smile but the potency coming from my interviewer seems too strong to pair. I try harder. Questions comes and I do my best to let the answers flow. “Not bad” I think to myself, and from that moment on I start sweating. I keep breathing and relaxing but the heat comes and is strong. I feel my forehead perspire and the only think I hope is that the camera doesn’t show it. 6 minute passes and I am able to do my silly act even in that short amount of time. This is who I am. And the video is over and I am alive.

And I am so grateful for the teacher Lorrel Elian and all the friends that sent encouragement. Now you have to deal with my videos in the future… you did your part. No complaining… 😉

Life is evolving, I am evolving. Every day is a new day. And is my choice as much it is yours make your life everyday amazing. Stay tuned for big news soon. Comment, write me, suggest, bring the light, like, love, press those buttons. I can not be who I am if you are not there.

You find the infamous video in the facebook page 😉

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