I place the book into the box. Little smaller than the others, I find space to slot it in. The different books’ height is a 3D draw that occupy the space. I hear the buzz of the lawn mower coming from the small window that expose the blue sky. In the garage the bags, the packages and the various accessories that as always end outside any bags already full and that have to find a space in the car. Is a new season, the winter is gone in a blink of an eye in slow motion. The early morning fresh air can’t hide the sun heat that become more intense. Little late the flowers are in bloom, the trees are colorful. Eagles fly over the highway maybe looking for food. The little birds work non stop, bringing a little branch at the time to their favorite place to build a nest.

The rooms smell good and the bath is tidy. The vacuum cleaner does its job while cleaning the rooms. Eggs and bread is what is left for us to eat for breakfast, the coffee is always present on the table. Today is another new beginning.

A gentle guy accompanies us around, through the stairs, the cabins and the tents under construction after a drive into the woods. The resort is a dream. The creek moves ruthless, fed by the late snowfall. The base for the yoga tent is almost ready. Guys and ladies from various part of the world work and say hi accompany by their accents. Some move sands, others work on roofs, others prepare the paths. All of this is a moving force, preparing for the season.

We assemble the tent, unload some of the stuff from the car and then we leave towards the airport. Tomorrow morning I am travelling for my course. Excitement, worries and doubts play ping-pong in my mind. Is it possible find certainty into the uncertainty? I am not far and perhaps the security will come when I’ll reach the opposite.

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