Chisono is in continuous evolution. I am very excited for the time to come. First of all I am grateful to study mindfulness and spiritual intelligence with Alan Clements and World Dharma in Vancouver and to be part of that incredible group of human beings. I just came back from a beautiful and intense retreat where we explored our own life, thoughts and ways to beautify our self. I went to Vancouver after that to volunteer at SVIĀ  Vancouver where I met incredible people working to create a better world. Time to pack now and to move. The season is over and another is beginning. Me and Jolaine will move to Boston Bar (that is not in USA) to live and work in a rafting resort located in a canyon and surrounded by trees, water and mountains. The first two weeks of may I’ll be in Saskatoon for a therapy training. Finally I got the balls to step forward and follow my call.

During the summer I will be teaching yoga, helping at the resort and enjoying the nature sleeping in the tent I was in Bahamas. My soul is jumping around, and my life is a surprise every moment. Stay tuned for more news during the summer. Keep reading the blog if you enjoy it and take time for yourself, to be in nature, to be who you are without all those thoughts that keep you worried.

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