Every breath fulfill my body and my soul. My own thoughts shape my life, and more i breath consciously more those thoughts are clear and slow-moving. Every action create a reaction, physically and emotionally, that can change the future. I eat a piece of chocolate. I don’t listen to the first few voices: “I shouldn’t, I don’t need to, is good isn’t it?”. I grab a second one and the real reaction blows like a realization. A rage of emotions attack and how do I react? Do I repress them, maybe I listen to them. Do I blame the ones that make the chocolate? There is a choice. Always. The beauty of our mind is so complex in its expression and too often I demonize it instead of embracing it and bringing the light. So from today I love my mind. In its intelligence and shadows, ups and downs. Today I say “Tommaso I love you” and today I say “Tommaso is the world so I love the world.”

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