Another season is ending. I exit through the back door walking between boxes and water drops coming from the side of the roof creating discontinuous bars as in a factual prison. The steps on the right go down, made out of metal with anti slip threads that seem to stop the barefoot spirits to wonder outside. The sun is low and enlighten my body, the snow, and again me. I take a deep breath in, I squeeze out the air from my lungs as to liberate from the mental heaviness of a job that is teaching me anything but cooking. Is teaching me to observe, to not judge, to find balance in the gossips tossed into the air that will catch up with a soul. I enjoy the sunlight and I reach the car, that will bring me home.

I move a little and a path opens. Like a magic trick little steps follow one another preparing for this month of exciting milestone. March was a demanding month. My observing finally opened a new door. April will be a preparation month for the summer that is uncovering slowly. Another adventure, in another special place. Between trees and the river. Between yoga and a little of kitchen. To end a chapter in my life that gave me the opportunity to be in Canada. Is time to close that door with gratitude for the teaching received. A door with a golden key that created a part of who I am.

Again life organize itself around my thoughts and desires. Is time to swim with the current. The flow is intense, and I belly dove in. Is time to let go what is anchoring myself to the pattern that are not helping me to be who I am. Is time to open to life with trust without thinking at what I could lose but at what I have. Without thinking about what I don’t have but how to arrive. Time in Kamloops is almost done. And I am happy.

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