The sun set slowly, stretching the palms shadows on the Costa Rica beach. We take the bikes and ride towards south looking for animals. The grocery shop is occupied for the last purchases before the week-end. Banana spiders, some as large as my palm immobile wait for the prey hanging on their webs as thick as fishing lines. I look up at the higher branches searching for dark masses without losing the sight of the road.

I notice something and I am sure is a sloth. Hanging upside down is moving softly grabbing the branch in front and accompanying to himself. We observe for a couple of minutes with intrigued pedestrians that ask questions. “We have so much to learn from them” Jolaine voice interrupt my looking, that become observing. Quietly the strange animal turns, and moves towards the trunk. “Aaarm….. leeeg….. aaarm….. leeeg…..” I think smiling and imagining his thoughts. Every movement is controlled and calculated. Reminds me the Burmese monks walking meditation.

I get back on my bike followed by Jolaine that soon enough recall my attention “monkeys!” A group of monkeys are cleaning up a tree, some upside down, holding to their tails, other jumping from a brunch to another. All this in a surreal silence. Some splendid turquoise butterfly, fly by unnoticed beside me.

Birds with rainbow massive beaks, compared to their body size, fly from a tree to another. Toucans, way too small compared to my imagination when as a child I was browsing my animals book.

An infinite line of ants transporting cut leaf to the nest extend at the side road. Little green pieces like flags. An army that warn to not get on the way. Plants nightmare, like the one at the restaurant destroyed in a couple of hour during breakfast.

The sun is illuminating the day somewhere else. Like a hockey game the animals exchange. The night fall with its calming sounds. Its insects, Its beings, the stars.

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