What does happen to my mind after thirteen days silently listening to thoughts, stories, imagining figures and fictional worlds but that appear more real than the life I live? First of all my mind is more relaxed. Thoughts are there but they seem less correlated to the emotions that are not much intense. The world goes around. The problems are there. But how do I see them? I see them in between indifference, uninterest and the knowing that at the end it doesn’t matter. At the end what I am doing, how you perceive me and how I believe you perceive me, are illusory worlds of an experience that can be lived in thousand different ways for every person.

What it does not change is the breath. We all inhale and exhale during a cycle that might stop anytime. “What is important?” I ask myself. To me the love for that breath that exist in everyone and that I didn’t even know was present. The love for myself, qualities and flaws. Love to invite who accept me, who loves me and who hates me to be part of my experience. Being aware that all of us see in others the reflection of ourself.

Therefore I ask myself: “Who is around me? How do I get treated?” I mirror me in what I see, opening to myself sincerely. “Is it this what I am? Is it this what I want to be?” Important questions to reflect about my being, now. From now on I have the freedom to change what I don’t like or to keep it. The responsibility becomes the choices, then life realign itself. Patience on my side is prompting. Soon or later the seed will sprout.

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