I sit waiting for my flight. The woman speaks through the speaker giving instructions. What an invention languages are. Imagine to explain something with just sounds. How many sounds would we need, to say all the words the society has if there where no alphabet?

I don’t even get ready anymore when I travel, and my mind at times complains trying to make me uneasy. I let it do it and after a couple of minutes it melts to the being. First stop is in Doha where I slept in. Then I’ll fly directly to Burma where I booked the first two nights, the rest will come. The 15th I will have a full day of meditation and the 17th the course will start for two weeks. On my way back to save some money I decided to go for the long stretch with 4 days of travelling back to Canada. But that will be another story.

My time in Italy gave me new understanding and answers. Ram Dass said: “if you think you are enlighten go pass a week with your family” expressing how the supposedly easy love and acceptance for myself become the hardest. There are many answers for our deepest being in our family.

Canada, Italia, Burma, China, Canada… around the world in less than 80 days…

See you in a couple of weeks with new stories and photos.


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