The year is almost over, but does it end? I imagine a life with no time, with no calendars. I ask myself how the “time” makes us change our life, makes us choose differently. How many time did I give up “because I am too old”, “too early”, “too late”. What would the youth be without the sociaety and rules imposed and what would the old age be without the weight from the passed years?

Life goes on anyway. Clock or not, time or the space keep moving without waiting for my dreams. “Who is holding my life back?” Me, other people, the sociaety and maybe even the universe?! And only during acceptance and relaxation I find space. Only when tensions, confrontations, discussions melt I realize how influential the place is. How strong is the life’s idea in the habitants ‘ mind that create an energy field. Slowly I realize that I create the life the I want, and I attract what I emanate, but also the places can help or become enemy. I release my thoughts.

My time in Italy is almost at the end for now. In a couple of days I will be in Edinburgh enjoy the party with my family.

Meanwhile some books keep running on my hands and the experiences that I had in Bahamas are woken up gently with caresses. I let go between an hug and another, and a promise to come back soon.

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