Hello, these are the “chi sono” news for the end of the Gregorian calendar (research it to find interesting information about it) 2016 and the beginning of the 2017.

First of all, if when you open www.chisono.net/en you see only older posts is time to whip the browser’s cookies. If you have no idea how to do it ask for help to your family or friends.

Second; my mind evolves every moment and seems like that a part of me that was quietly observing has decided to move and make noise. At this point I am not sure what it will bring, but keep investing few minutes to read me and we will discover it together.

Third: the future locations. I will be in Italy from mid december, after a couple of days in London, till the end of the year. I will fly to Edinburgh to celebrate with my whole family the new calendar year, following the call to Asia returning to Canada at the end of January to prepare my new summer adventure.

During my stay in Europe, if anybody would like to drink a coffee, telling a story, asking questions, listening to a story or for a conversation I will be very grateful. Write me at tommaso @ chisono.net or message me on facebook.

With gratitude.


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